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Thank you for visiting my site. You’ll see I am on a mission to help school counselors get organized & take care of themselves. If you think those are things that will benefit you, I hope you visit the site often.

Once a month I publish a self-care newsletter, the School Counselor Voice, created for you to read, personalize & share. Every Tuesday I add a new blog post about getting organized, planning for the next month and taking care of yourself. There’s a section of Favorites that includes books I like & recommend.

You can download & print some of my planners and posters that I regularly create and add to my blog posts. Subscribing to the monthly newsletter gives you access to more editable Google docs planning resources or PDF downloads.

Welcome. I’m always listening, feel free to get in touch & tell me about your life as a school counselor.

Do You Really Need to Be Told to Get Sleep?

Do You Really Need to Be Told to Get Sleep?

Are you taking care of yourself? Get a little help with the School Counselor Voice, a monthly newsletter for school counselor self-care. Here is a section from the October edition, find more information in the Newsletter page. You can access an editable Google doc...

Gain Connection

Build a network of supportive school counselors.

Create Clarity

Know what you want to accomplish in your program. And do it. Help people understand your purpose.

Renew Yourself

Create habits to support & renew your energy.

I'm on a mission to help school counselors get organized & take care of themselves.

December Calendar Resources

December Calendar Resources

December. Is that possible? If you’re feeling exhausted, you’re not alone. There is no tired like school counselor tired… so please get some rest and take care of yourself during the holiday season. Also, a PDF and editable Google doc of the December calendar are also...

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers

Do you have a childhood hero? Mr. Rogers is my childhood hero, but I didn’t realize this until I was an adult. Growing up in rural Nebraska and spending time alone while my older siblings went to school, TV became my connection to the world. Sure, there were Sesame...

Please Take What You Need

Please Take What You Need

What do you need? Joy, laughter or grace? Here's a little tear-y poster to download, print & share with your students or colleagues. I was inspired by The Zen Teacher's blog post Take What You Need. He graciously gave me permission to recreate the flyer. I recommend...

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