My name is Judi Sigler and I’m on a mission to create a new kind of resource for school counselors.

As a K-12 school counselor in a rural area, I longed for someone to be by my side and explain how to do all those things they didn’t teach you in school.

My hope for Connected School Counselor is to create a resource to help organize and build a strong school counseling program and gain connection to students, parents, teachers and administrators.

I have 3 main missions to help school counselors:

  1. Gain Connection: Build a network of supportive school counselors. Assist school counselors in strengthening their relationships.
  2. Create Clarity: Know what you want to accomplish in your program. Help people understand your purpose. And do it.
  3. Renew Yourself: Build habits to support and renew your energy.

Stay tuned, I’m working hard on bringing school counselor resources to life.

If you are a school counselor, teacher, administrator, para or parent–you are creating the future. You make a difference. Take care of yourself and the children around you.


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