Curious about how to create a Google Form? This series of videos will walk you through the beginning basics of creating a Google Form. I plan to post more advanced videos in the future, so keep in mind these are meant for a beginner. Let me know what you think, I’d love your feedback, you can submit it here: Anonymous feedback survey.

Let’s Get Started with 3 Ways to Start a Google Form

Naming Your Google Form

Basic Forms Questions

How to Copy a Forms Question

Creating a Linear or Likert Scale Question

Collect an Email Address

How to Use the Color Palette

Preview Your Google Form

How to Share or Send a Google Form

How to View Responses

Create a Spreadsheet from Forms

Collaborate with Your Form


What did you think? Leave any comments below or submit comments in this anonymous feedback survey.

Need some help getting started? Here’s a free Google Form of a Senior Questionnaire survey for you to copy and use with your students.

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