Why would you need sections in your form? First, sections split a form into easier to answer pieces instead of a long scrolling form. Second, sections are a great way to personalize a form for your audience. Finally, school counselor forms should be easy to answer in order to collect good data.

In this video, I break down a form into five sections and target four different buildings. I only need the audience to respond to one of the sections.

You can find a series of how-to videos for learning the basics of Google Forms here. This post is about creating sections.


Google Slides Tutorials

Do you like to reference screenshots? I’ve created a collection of slides as a companion to the video tutorials.


Need some help getting started with forms? Here’s a free Google Form of a Senior Questionnaire survey for you to copy and use with your students.

Are there other Google tutorials you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below or send a private message through the contact form.

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