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Why didn’t I receive your email & how do I fix it?
Sometimes a filter in your email system sorts email into “spam” when they think it’s something you don’t want. Of course you want the School Counselor Voice.

You can check your spam folder or search for “Connected” and add my email address to your contacts. Generally, it will resolve the problem.

Here’s a quick how-to for adding a contact in Gmail.

After searching, I still can’t find an email and I already filled out the form. Now what?

You can fill out the form again with a new email or send an email directly to me and I can take care of everything on my end. Just a quick, “Hey, please add me to the newsletter list. Thanks!” is just fine.

Why are the links not working in my emails?

A lot of subscribers use school email addresses and there are extra filters in place in many school districts. This makes sense, because they need to be extra careful of malicious emails.

Some of the filters let emails through, but disable links inside the email. I suggest asking an IT person to add “” to a whitelist. Another option would be to subscribe with a different email address. I suggest Gmail if you plan to access any editable Google docs from the site.

How can I edit the School Counselor Voice?

The editable Google doc you opened is the “master file”, so you need to make a copy to your Google drive. To do this, click on File > Make a Copy > OK. Then you should be good to go.

Here’s a how-to for saving a Google doc to your own drive.

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There are no silly questions, I’m happy to answer anything & I promise I won’t laugh.

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